Why Cancer – A Non-Conventional Belief that Cancer can be triggered by Emotional Conflict

Contrary to conventional medicine belief, GERMAN NEW MEDICINE – Dr, med. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered FIVE BIOLOGICAL LAWS that explain the cause. Dr. Hamer is the first to prove scientifically that cancer, for example, is not – as previously thought – a senseless proliferation of deadly cancer cells but rather part of a Significant Biological Special Program(SBS) of Nature that has been successfully practiced for millions of years of evolution. In his practice, of 6,500 patients with mostly ‘terminal’ cancer, 6000 were still alive after MORE THAN five years – a 92% success rate. (Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer)

According to these biological laws, diseases are not, as assumed, the result of malfunctions or malignancies of the organism but rather “SIGNIFICANT BIOLOGICAL SPECIAL PROGRAMS OF NATURE” (SBS), created to assist an individual during a period of emotional and psychological distress. According to Dr. Hamer…

First Law, “Every SBS originates from a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), which is an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating conflict shock that occurs simultaneously in the PSYCHE, the BRAIN, and on the corresponding ORGAN.”

The moment the brain cells receive the DHS, the conflict shock is immediately communicated to the corresponding organ and a SBS, on stand-by for exactly that conflict, and instantly activated. The impact of the shock is visible on a brain scan (brain computer tomogram) as a set of sharp concentric rings called a Hamer Focus or HH.

The Biological significance of each SBS is to improve the function of the conflict-related organ, so that the individual is in a better position to manage and eventually resolve the conflict. Both the biological conflict and the biological significance of each SBS always relate to the function of the correlating organ or organ tissue. The brain control centers of each organ are arranged in the same order as the organs in the body.

The conflict content determines the location of the HH in the brain and where exactly on the organ level the related SBS will run its course.

Second Law: Every SBS-Significant Biological Special Program runs in two phases provided there is a resolution of the conflict.

The first phase is the Conflict Active Phase and the second phase is the Healing Phase. According to Dr. Hamer’s theory, disease will turn into cancer when we hang in the Conflict Active Phase and patient goes in to a hanging conflict because the conflict cannot or has not yet been resolved. If a person is in acute conflict-activity for a longer period of time, the condition can be fatal. The following figure will show for the case of breast cancer. A biological Conflict for Breast…

The resolution of the conflict is the turning point that initials the second phase of the SBS. The Healing Phase actually starts from the brain, parallel to the healing of the psyche and the related organ, the brain cells that received the impact of the DHS also start to heal.

(Caroline Markolin, PhD)


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