What is Live Blood Analysis

We have entered into a new era of scientific discovery. Science now should accommodate a new understanding of the body as a whole and not as a single entity to treat.

Live Blood Analysis is a useful tool when combined with medical history, questionnaires and dry blood analysis to re-enforce the understanding of one’s overall condition. Dark field microscopy is a very simple yet effective technique and well suited for uses involving live and unstained biological samples, such as a smear from a tissue culture, live blood or individual water-borne single-celled organisms. Considering the simplicity of the setup, the quality of images obtained from this technique is impressive. You can also see the following image by applying darkfield technique to produce an image with a dark background.

Live Blood Microscopy is not recommended as a single source of diagnostic tool to treat or diagnose diseases. Through the advent of technological advances in microscopy, new discoveries have been proven by such leading researchers as Royal Rife, Gaston Naessans, Dr. Gunther Enderlein, Dr. Majid Ali, M.D. and many others. In the rapidly emerging field of what is known as live cell analysis, an understanding of biology as a holistic science has emerged. Health imbalances in the body may be averted by observing the state of ever-present floras found in the blood and by correcting the milieu that allows the floras to remain in their regulatory forms or to move into pathogenicity. Or conversely, to be reduced from pathogenic forms back down to regulars. These observations are made in what is known as a darkfield. Examination of live blood in a darkfield is valuable for recognizing imbalances in the body and for tracking the progression toward improvement or degeneration during a therapy or treatment. The examination of live blood is also valuable for early detection of serious health conditions.

Combining live blood analysis in darkfield with layered dry blood analysis in a bright field (called the Oxidative Stress Test) is a powerful tool to re-enforce the understanding through questionnaire, medical and lifestyle history of one’s health.

A certified nutritional practitioner with certification for Live Blood Analysis would be essential to provide accurate recommendation. You will need to beware of people who has no nutritional training or certification but to use single diagnostic tool to recommend supplements alone!



Reference and credits to Advance Applied Microscopy by Michael Coyle

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