Nutritionist and Dietitian

There is often confusion about the difference between the two. Registered Dietitians follow government-regulated nutritional guidelines which are mainly concerned with macronutrient proportions (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), caloric intake, and the like. Most of a Dietitian’s nutritional education is derived from Health Canada’s ‘Food Pyramid’, also known as the recommended daily servings of food groups. Dietitians do not recommend herbs, supplements, or any other healing modalities. As such, a Dietitian’s approach is geared mainly toward the population at large.
A Holistic Nutritionist is not regulated and is not bound by government regulations. His or her nutritional knowledge is predicated on the belief that each individual is different and thus cannot follow the same nutritional formula as everyone else. Emphasis is placed on dietary macro- and micronutrients needs, including necessary supplemental or herbal recommendations, environmental changes, water intake, exercise, mind/body connection, and a host of other factors. In other words, a Holistic Nutritionist examines the whole person and makes health recommendations accordingly.

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