Natural healing properties from Common Herbs and Spices

Use these for simple home remedies and



Mint – Ease hiccups and stomach upsets







Cinnamon – Helps lower blood pressure






Ginger – Anti nausea










Garlic – Natural antiseptic








Clove – Anti microbial










Fenugreek – Help flush out harmful toxins










Fennel – Reduce bad breath and body odor










Turmeric – Anti cancer











     Sage – Antiseptic and antibiotic









Rosemary – Antioxidant









 Black Pepper – Relief indigestion









     Dill – Heartburn, colic and gas










Thyme – Relaxes respiratory muscles










Oregano – Natural antibiotic







This information is provided/written by David Chan CNP,  ROHP© Copyright 2018 Genesis Health Inc. All rights reserved. This is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or nutritionist. Please consult your doctor and nutritionist for advice about a specific medical condition.


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